October 2013

I stumbled on an ad for the Metropolitan Opera’s new work “Two Boys” the other day. The catch: The entire ad is comprised of tweets.

Some of the tweets are from famous folk (Salman Rushdie), others from people I don’t know. But the language throughout is bold, visceral, kinesthetic. A sample: I’m shaking. I’m about to cry. That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. @nicomuhly @metopera, thank you for this. @PaulDavidFlood

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My week was hi-jacked by your basic nasty cold.

Sore throat, fever, guttural coughing. Grim. The life I had planned came to a sudden halt. Bedtime. Rest. Antibiotics.

And because I felt so vulnerable, I was doubly touched by the many random acts kindness that came my way.

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Last Friday, I went on an architectural tour of the Vitra Industrial Campus on the outskirts of Basel, Switzerland.

Vitra is one of the premier makers of iconic modern furniture. The campus, Vitra’s main manufacturing complex, is a sprawling grid of industrial buildings designed by some of the world’s great architects: Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Sanaa, Herzog de Meuron.

I am an architecture geek. Whoa, I was in architectural heaven.

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You know you’re smart. You know on any given day you’d be able to figure it out. But today, just for today, your brain is going on strike.

Can’t process another piece of information. Can’t look at one more spread-sheet. Can’t listen to one more scintillating idea.


Let’s simply call it mental fatigue.

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