December 2013

Go forth, make your resolutions for 2014. I do.

But know that everything you and I claim and envision for 2014 will be more readily attained if we are fully energized.

So – how about contemplating something else? Your Personal Energy Plan. Simple habits you commit to that will energize you and your personal performance in 2014.

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Man cannot stand a meaningless life.
Final words by Carl Jung in an illuminating interview broadcast on BBC’s “Face to Face” program in 1959, when Jung was 84 years old.

We are meaning makers. We are on a quest to find beliefs and purpose in a crazy world.

My friend Tom Asacker, author of the wondrous book “The Business of Belief.”

Yes to all of that. Yes.

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Call me a curmudgeon.

I’m not into all the traditional holiday stuff. Not any more. The social expectations. The self-created stress. The over-consumption of everything.


I want more. I want magic.

My work travel ended on Friday. I’m into magic season now. Yes, I long to spend the rest of 2013 making magic every day.

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First time I read the Disney mission statement, I was startled. Yes, startled.

We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all ages, everywhere.

CREATE HAPPINESS. That’s friggin’ awesome, isn’t it?

Easy for Disney to say, you might say. They manufacture entertainment.

Agreed. Still awesome, if you ask me. BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT TO CLAIM IT.

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I had just settled into my Virgin America seat, getting ready to head to LA, when the safety video came on.

This is not intended as a paean to Virgin Air – though I consistently love my customer experience at Virgin.

I expected to see the same comic-book-style video the airline has shown the last few years.

Well, someone at Virgin decided to mix it up.

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