January 2014

My mind has been on lofty stuff.

I have been flipping through Harrison Owen’s book “The Practice of Peace.”  Preparing to spend a week-end in New York in the company of Harrison, the inventor of a conversational framework called Open Space, and other Open Space folk who crave substantial conversations about how we make the world a better place.

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Yeah, yeah – I’m one of the many who got caught in travel mayhem last week.

That’s the boring part.

But something pretty cool happened at the Charlotte, NC airport.

I had made it that far on Monday. My connecting flight to Chicago was cancelled. It quickly became apparent that I would not make it to Chicago at all last week.

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I urge you to …

I like the phrase. It invites quick action.

Hey, let’s do it now. Let’s do it quickly. Why wait?
It was a running gag between my two holiday house guests. Johann Gauthier and Angela Goodeve.

Hey, I urge you to … They would egg each other on.

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