March 2014

Yes, I have been glued to my tv screen while I do my morning toiletries.

Listening to expert after expert try to explain what may have happened to Malaysian Air 370.

I am stirred by the helplessness. Stirred by the how-could-it-happen questions. The human tragedy.

With all the data we have – we don’t know.

Consider the following exchange.

I found it as I flipped through a back issue of Vanity Fair. A recorded chat between the great film director Mike Nichols and the actress Julia Roberts.

They are speaking with V.F. about, among other things, curiosity.

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We over-schedule. We re-schedule. We over-schedule as we re-schedule. We un-schedule when we have over-scheduled.

Even leisure time is dotted with obligation. Church. Sports. Movies. Family functions.

Lots of it is stuff we cherish. Still scheduled. Often over-scheduled.

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My favorite guilty pleasure returned to television last week.

The Voice. 

Heck, not guilty. No. Let me shout it to the heavens. I love The Voice!

The Voice is your not-so-basic singing competition. Yes, it is shamelessly staged and packaged and manipulated, like all reality shows. And yet, it instantly transcends its contrivances.

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