July 2014

I just spent a marvelous training week with a group of business colleagues in Chicago.

We always explore how we PUSH/PULL.

In my universe, this is code-talk about how we influence a conversation.

PUSH = I send energy to the other person.

PULL = I draw energy from the other person.

But today I invite you to think of how you summon your personal energy, whether there is someone else there or not.

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I saw my dentist this week.

A simple crown adjustment. A minor visit.

Dr. Fishner wasn’t there, so Dr. Schwartz took care of me.

Both are fine dentists. Both are likeable human beings.

And I liked Dr. Schwartz better.

I knew it within seconds. I was startled by this insight because Dr. Fishner is my regular dentist, and I like Dr. Fishner a lot.

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It is so simple. It is always available to us. 

And we forget.

The shift from our clever-thinking-mind back into the body.

The move forward through our body.

When a business conversation suddenly gets stuck. When we start playing verbal ping pong with another person and are determined to win the point. When we want to shut up and simply don’t know how.

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I am hooked on World Cup soccer. 

Utterly totally hooked. 

The insane energy in a soccer stadium. The ferocious spirit of the fans. The rapid pace of the game. The pyrotechnics of the well-executed goal. Close-ups of the coaches emoting on the sidelines. Outbursts of extravagant joy seconds after a goal. Post-game reflections from soccer super-stars on ESPN. 

The ultimate thrill is the drama of the penalty kicks. 

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