January 2015

Wanna stir me?

Wanna stir your colleagues, your clients, your team?

It’s the old logic-versus-emotion conversation.

Logic is a powerful form of energy. Emotion is the deeper one.

Here’s the little lie we tell ourselves. Logical folks like to be moved by logic. Emotional folks like to be moved by emotion.

Don’t believe that any more. Madison Avenue doesn’t. Madison Avenue caters to longing and desire.

They know what to stir.

Desire is the spark that ignites your beliefs and fuels your actions, Tom Asacker writes in his stirring book “The Business of Belief.” Desire is what moves you from thinking to doing.

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I have been zipping around the world the last 2 weeks. Chicago. Frankfurt. Los Angeles. South Florida where I live. Chicago again.

I have engaged with many folks.

Here’s what stands out.

There are those who check in. There are those who check out.

It’s that simple. Forget about the personality differences we love to fret about.

We’re either in or we’re out.

New Year’s Day I go to an Open House. Other than the host and the friend who accompanies me I know no one.

It’s an enchanted gathering. Folks are checked in. Beam with curiosity. Move toward others. Toward me. Look at my eyes. Energy is exchanged.

Checked in.

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When you and I connect with each other, work tends to unfold with a measure of grace. I suddenly get excited about working with you. You more deeply enjoy working with me. And we accelerate business success along the way!

I cannot MAKE you connect with me. But here are the Top 7 personal behaviors that I know will foster the possibility of connection with absolutely anyone:

7. Express heartfelt gratitude

We long to be seen and heard. We love to be acknowledged for our work and creativity. Not with platitudes and clichés. No, with heartfelt appreciation. When I know that you mean it, I will move mountains for you.

6. Show emotion

When you let me know what stirs you, I will be stirred by you. And I want to be stirred by you.

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