April 2015

I can brew a cup of coffee in the office, I know.

But heck, once a day I like to hop to the Starbucks at Young Circle in Hollywood, grab a latte, warmed croissant, feel the people vibe.

The social etiquette among the baristas is exceptional. The social etiquette among the guests hit and miss.

Nowadays, “social etiquette” tends to connote our skill at navigating social media. Therein lies the dilemma. We act in public as if we were in private space.

Truly successful folk don’t switch on their etiquette simply when the stakes are high. They follow it in every setting, with every person.

The video of ESPN reporter Britt McHenry that went viral shows what happens when we don’t. So not pretty. So wrong.

Let us hone our social etiquette skills, one Starbucks visit at a time:

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I’m back on a lap-swim routine.

Simple. ½ a mile a day, staggered laps. Accomplished in about 20 minutes.

I can pretty comfortably swim a mile. But ½ a mile seems the perfect exertion. My body feels thoroughly worked out. I get the satisfaction of watching my shoulders broaden after each swim. Tangible results. Great joy.

½ a mile is an enjoyable push. A mile is a less enjoyable push.

When I work out with my fitness trainer we put in an hour at a time. Isolated body parts. Terrific for my body. Chris’ job is to have me working on my edge, all the time. High exertion.

Tangible results, yes. And at times I just don’t feel like doing it. Hard work, not enough joy.

Last week, 18-time gold medalist Michael Phelps returned to swimming competition, after several DUI arrests and a stint in alcohol rehab. Gearing up for another Olympic run.

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One of those weeks. Moving too fast.

Writing deadline. Crafting a keynote. Chasing logistics. Designing new workshops. Personal stuff with colleagues who matter. That was my week.

You know how it goes. New information flies in before you can respond to the old one. Shifting gears, readjusting, every moment, at high speed.

Your brain is about to spin.

Too fast.

You remember what they taught in time management class. Prioritize your commitments. Bundle tasks. Delegate. Take a break.

Sure, you believe in that stuff. This week it all seems just a little too cute. Not working.

When the stuff you think you should do isn’t working, try the stuff that will.

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He’s a Broadway legend. Tommy Tune. 

76 years old. Winner of 9 Tony Awards, the most prestigious award in commercial American theatre. Last Thursday, the American Theatre Wing announced that Tune will receive a 10th Tony in June of this year, for Lifetime Achievement.


I didn’t go to church or attend a seder on Easter Friday. I sat in a little cabaret room in Florida’s swanky Palm Beach, being entertained by Tommy Tune. About 100 of us, and a legend.

What do you think of Tommy Tune? I asked my friend Raul Rodriguez during the course of the evening.

He is a consummate professional, Raul replied.

Love the word consummate. Love the entire phrase.

What does it mean to be a consummate professional, in any line of work?

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