May 2018

Starbucks Corporate Training

On Tuesday afternoon Starbucks will close its 8000 stores in the US to conduct a 4-hour unconscious bias training for its employees.

Hooray hooray.

I have watched the public discourse in response to this training with a sort of incredulous amazement. On social media. In major news publications like The Atlantic and The Washington Post. I am startled by the undercurrent of cynicism. 4 hours won’t make a difference. It’s corporate damage control. You don’t change anyone or anything in 4 hours. What if they don’t get it right?

Come on, people. Really? Any conversation that starts to move the unconscious into consciousness is worth having. Period. No matter how quick or how long it is.

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close intention

I gave my friend Jane a document to review the other day. And I requested some very specific feedback.

I will read it with INTENTION and ATTENTION, Jane declared.

Jane was in the midst of a hectic day. Conference calls, juggling three projects, preparing for a road trip.

Intention and attention. The writer in me is tickled by the alliteration. The words alone bring me joy. More significantly, Jane’s answer offered instant comfort. Jane was going to take this document review seriously.

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