I spent four days in Chicago last week, hosting a leadership program.

I enjoyed my group immensely. The energy was good.

That’s my language of choice, of course. I’m a personal-energy-guy. I love “good energy.”

As we said our good-byes, however, quite a few of the folks in our group also commented that “the energy was good.” That moved me. It wasn’t just me. The energy WAS good. And it was felt.

I no longer believe that good energy is a mere luck of the draw.

Good energy is something we ignite, circulate, recirculate.

Here are some of the ways in which we ignite energy. I call them the touches. Our personal touches. Show up with a “touch,” and you will be rewarded with good energy. Guaranteed.

  • The light touch

Choose light over somber. Choose playful over pedantic.

I do not propose that we take a serious concern and trivialize it. “Make light” of it. But when we treat a matter, a concern, a person, a group with a light touch, we move the energy of the moment toward a playful exchange. A joyous exchange. This moves energy instead of keeping it stuck. And it tends to stir our souls at their very core.

  • The improvisational touch

When a situation does not unfold as planned, choose open over rigid. Choose curious over dismissive.

An improviser sees a creative opportunity in any event. Even in the conversation that seems to go nowhere, the meeting that veers off on a tangent. Instead of resisting the unexpected, folks with an improvisational touch ride the wave of the moment. They explore the unexpected instead of trying to contain it. The moment we improvise, energy moves. It expands.

  • The boomerang touch

Choose to notice instead of ignoring. Choose to “pick up on it” instead of rejecting.

With a boomerang mindset, I pay attention to everything an individual or group of folks is sending my way. Their sense of humor. Their language rhythm. Their tone of expression. Their physicality.

With the boomerang touch, I hit the “same wavelength” button. I intentionally use the language of others. I match their rhythm. I send it right back to them. I surrender to their tone (unless I decide it needs shifting). Energy suddenly feeds upon energy. Yes, it boomerangs.

This week, as you find yourself in the midst of a crucial business conversation, consider your touch. Use your light touch. Your improvisational touch. Your boomerang touch.

Energize the conversation you’re in!


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