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Do you hear with your Third Ear?

I have always loved the notion of a Third Eye.

According to chakra symbology, it sits right in the center of our forehead. Smack above our eyebrows. It is the place in our body that fuels our intuition and our gut instinct. It’s also the pathway to any psychic powers we may possess.


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We define how we play the game. If we don’t, the game plays us.


Here’s a pet peeve that’s hurled at me every week as I work with my clients. And I’m not exaggerating – every week: We have too many meetings. They’re tedious and unproductive.

So why are we playing the “let’s have a lot of tedious meetings” game? Why are we not defining how and what we want our meetings to be?

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It happens when we’re in the zone. We lose track of time. Everything unfolds with a measure of grace. Nirvana. Bliss.

And we so feel totally absorbed in what we are doing.

Friggin’ awesome, isn’t it?

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I told myself I wasn’t going to watch the George Zimmerman trial. Would not squander my time and get sucked in.

Yeah, right. Thursday evening I surrendered.

In the end he did not prevail – but boy, I was riveted by prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda’s performance. Lawyerly showmanship at its best. Big, bold, brassy.

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It may sound like an academic question. It isn’t.

Which of your personal assets make your colleagues, clients, team want to follow you?
Is it your warmth? Is it your competence?

The answer – duh – is both. But here’s the important part: BOTH need to be EQUALLY present.

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Two confessions first.

I am not a Food Channel watcher. And I really like Paula Deen.

The first time I witnessed Ms. Deen on a television program, I, like so many other folks around this country, was enchanted by this earthy, saucy and larger-than-life personality with the big heart of gold.

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90 % of business meetings are unnecessary. The quality of conversation that occurs does not warrant the meeting. Magic will not happen. A click of the SEND button to disburse updates would have done the trick.

But here’s the real price we pay.

Every time we engage in another redundant social exchange, we accelerate a slow death. Second by futile second we kill the spirit of everyone who is present. We destroy creativity, initiative, optimism. We extinguish the fire that fuels exceptional work.

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You want a bold connection? Neutral wording will not get you there.

Yep. Bold will get you bold.

We have neutered our language. We have made it concise, crisp, colorless. Adjectives have been tossed to the wind. Written business language is entirely transactional now. Void of perspective or a compelling point-of-view. Just void.

And more and more of us start to talk in person as if we’re sending a text. Transactional. Efficient. And no one much cares.

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It has rained in Florida.

I mean, it has rained and rained and rained for the entire last week. We’re used to the summer rains. Twenty minutes at a time. Not this.

Yes, inconvenient. Folks cancel appointments. Folks complain about the puddles and the wet clothes. Folks complain about the dreary grey skies. Arggh.

I get it.

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Sometimes we don’t get what we think we’re going to get. We get more.

I spent Labor Day week-end in Orlando with about 1500 other folks. Learning qi gong. No surprise, right? You know from reading this column and my books that I am keen on knowing all the ways in which we energize ourselves.

I learned how to feel and move qi. That’s Chinese for energy.

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