I support CEOs and seasoned C-Suite leaders via Executive Coaching. While specific Coaching Goals vary from person to person, here are some recurring themes in my Coaching Practice: How do we effortlessly expand our influence? How do we activate fervent followership? How do we connect more deeply in all professional settings? How do we make wiser decisions faster? How do we better manage the ever-shifting demands on our time and talent? How do we take healthy professional risks?

I have the privilege to do this work with exceptional executives in Fortune 500 companies around the world. Takeda, Sanofi, Dover Corporation, Knowles, HSBC Bank, Assurant, and Owens Corning are some of my ongoing clients.

Achim Nowak’s masterful coaching has transformed the next generation of Dover leaders into more authentic, insightful, and inspiring leaders.

Bob Livingston, Former CEO, Dover Corporation


Do you …

  • Own a small business or consulting firm with business assets that you leave on the table?
  • Offer the wrong services to the wrong clients?
  • Underutilize your personal influence?
  • Need to stop and reshuffle your business deck?

Spend a full-immersion day with Achim Nowak in South Florida where the sole focus is on YOU and your business.

“Hard to believe we could accomplish as much in just one day. The focus, clarity and igniting power that resulted from our Brilliant Best VIP time with Achim were monumental for our business. Its impact lives on to this day.”
Suzanne Daigle and Doug Kirkpatrick, NuFocus Strategic Group USA


“Being able to spend VIP days with Achim Nowak has become a regular fine-tuning exercise for me. Achim has challenged me to fully own my professional strengths, seize the right opportunities and focus my energy where I can create real impact. Invaluable!”
Stephan Thieringer, Founder, The Human Innovation Garage

“It’s amazing what can be accomplished in one VIP Day with Achim. It was intense, introspective and reflective – but most importantly – invaluable. Through honest, unbiased feedback and clear instructions Achim takes your presence to a level you never thought was possible. The best part: the impact continues for months and years after the session.”
Noor Alnahhas, CEO, Copper&Smith Group

“I was considering several high priority strategies for my business and felt extremely stressed trying to accomplish them all. After working with Achim Nowak for a morning I was not only able to quickly clarify my most crucial business priorities and life objectives – I have immediate actions that more closely match my values. I already feel less stressed and more focused!”
Michael W. Kublin, President, PeopleTek Coaching

“My VIP Day experience with Achim took on a life of its own. Achim guides you to move into the flow of indispensable wisdom within – revealing who you are, what you are capable of being. His commitment to allow the space and potential for you to effortlessly flow into this discovery is truly inspirational.”
Karen Morrissey, Healer & Intuitive Channel, Awakened Forgiveness™