F = Female Trailblazers Who Lead with Impact

The F-Group

Hosted by Eve Simon

This Mastermind Group is for you if you are:

  • A female High-potential Leader in a Global Corporation or a thriving Entrepreneur running a rapidly growing start-up.
  • Ready to step into the qualities of a conscious leader of the future.
  • Longing to use your vision and female power to accelerate business impact for a greater good.
  • Eager to optimize your talents by assertively supporting, and being supported by, exceptional peers who serve at your level.

Cost of participation for 6 months: $ 5,000.00

Launches in Q3 2019

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About Eve

German by nature, Californian by heart – that promises an unusual approach in all she does. Eve Simon is a transformational consultant, executive coach, TEDx speaker and serial entrepreneur.

With a systemic perspective and a futurist’s passion, Eve brings new impulses and creative ideas to her global clients –  Lufthansa, VW, Bayer, Novartis and the many entrepreneurs she supports.

Eve merges her deep expertise in Marketing, Communications, Business Development, Innovation, Leadership and Personal & Cultural Growth into new solutions that bridge the gap from success to significance. She is an advocate for a collective and sustainable new work approach.

Eve’s education includes a Masters degree from the University of Basel and a host of certifications in coaching, mindfulness and agile methods. Eve led divisions in global corporations for 14 years before founding her own boutique consulting firm, Inspiration Without Borders, in 2005.

A trailblazer herself, Eve also founded the initiative Ladies Lead Change in 2005 to help female leaders grow their impact radiance. She expanded her vision of a work culture where everyone thrives into the Future of Leadership Salon, a movement which puts crucial conversations and co-creation first.

Eve Simon and Achim Nowak collaborate on a regular basis on Mindful Leadership projects to serve their clients with an inclusive viewpoint.

Eve currently lives with her daughter on two continents – Silicon Valley, CA and Düsseldorf, Germany.