I was in a hotel room in Manhattan Beach last week, searching for a wayward document, browsing through emails, when I suddenly heard it. My window was open, and there it was: The sound of the Pacific Ocean, tumbling, roaring.

I stopped and listened. It filled me with joy.

Thursday I sat down for a meal at Sugar Reef, my favorite restaurant on the boardwalk in Hollywood, Florida where I live. Again, I heard it. The sound of the Atlantic, rolling ashore. And again, great joy.

The sound of the ocean is a beautiful anchor that lifts my spirit. It opens my heart. Here’s the best part of this gift – it is predictable. It does what it does absolutely every time. I just need to notice.

There are other stimuli in my surroundings that impact me in a similar way. A vibrant piece of art. An expansive view from a window. A finely grained piece of wood. The curve of the coco palm outside of my office. When I choose to notice them, I receive a divine boost of energy. And here’s the key: I receive it every time.

So, why not contemplate the following this week: 

  • Which objects, sounds, vistas in my immediate surroundings at work or at home inspire small moments of awe?
  • What can I do to daily notice these stimuli and linger, for a second or two?
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