Tis the season when I think of that old Eddie Murphy song. Party all the time.

Even if you don’t like all these darn parties, chances are you will end up at a party or two this month. So why don’t we give the inevitable some thought: What kind of party animal are you, really?

Exhibit # 1: You take the notion of the party animal literally. You let your jungle beast run wild. You freely imbibe the free liquor. You hit on that co-worker you’ve been ogling from afar. You tell those stories you’ve been itching to tell but never did. Yes, you roar.

Exhibit # 2: You go because – well, it’s expected. You play nice but keep one eye on the clock. You bolt as soon as you can without appearing rude. You long for the moment when you toss the office garb, slide under the covers, hit the remote, dig into the Haagen Dazs. That’s how your inner earthworm likes to party – ehm, burrow.

Exhibit # 3: You channel your social butterfly. You choose to be gregarious. You visit every social pod at the party. You approach your fellow revelers with a playful spirit. You infect all the other party animals with your genuine good cheer.

I lobby for Exhibit #3.

But here’s what I am really lobbying for:

If the butterfly is your higher social self – the one who flocks to people, who connects with ease – why not engage in a little social experiment? Bring the butterfly energy to every social encounter you have this week. Every one, every day. Choose to show up as your higher social self at all times.

See what happens if this week, pressures and all, you really do party all the time!

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