What If You Could …

✅  Have a senior-level incubator that accelerates your business impact?
✅  Forge a nimble leadership style that effortlessly adapts to rapid corporate and marketplace changes?
✅  Mindfully manage the pressures that come with exceptional performance expectations?
✅  Eliminate draining day-to-day “people drama?”
✅  Make confident decisions faster?
✅  Excel based on the latest peak performance research?
✅  Receive rigorous feedback from other leaders who have your back?
✅  Better manage the cadence of your life?

Well You Can!

Welcome to Brilliant Best Mastermind. If you are a highly successful C-Suite leader, you have attended numerous leadership trainings throughout your career and you have been coached and mentored by some of the best, GREAT. That provides an excellent foundation… but we all know that your true R.O.I. lies in the full integration and embodiment of knowledge.

Are you ready to accelerate your personal performance, do so with a sense of ease and balance, and experience a level of support unlike any you have ever known? If so, an intimate and powerfully facilitated mastermind group of front-runners like you can be the leadership laboratory you need to take your experience and results beyond what you may think is possible.

Meet Achim Nowak
Founder and Convener, BRILLIANT BEST
TEDx Speaker/Business Thinker

Is BRILLIANT BEST Mastermind for YOU?

BB Mastermind offers an unparalleled personal growth process. And it definitely isn’t for everyone.  If you ARE looking to:

  Network with other C-Suite executives,
  Establish industry contacts,
  Get Executive Coaching,
  Celebrate your past successes …

There are many wonderful places to do so. BB Mastermind is NOT the place for you.
If you ARE however ready to:

  Fully show up as a leader within a group of leaders,
  Be held accountable by peers who have no hidden agenda for you,
  Roll up your sleeves and boldly experiment with your leadership approach,
  Develop a group of powerful peer relationships that last a lifetime,
  Surprise and exceed yourself…

BB Mastermind may just be the Leadership Laboratory you have been looking for.

How Does a Mastermind Work?

BB Mastermind is a 6-month-long, invitation-only leadership laboratory. Select participants join an exclusive group of successful executives whose sole aim is to lift their leadership game and help their peers do the same. It is a forum for fearless experimentation and an incubator of fresh approaches and ideas!

Members engage in powerful strategic conversations with their colleagues. They have access to a private, online Mastermind community dedicated to the exchange of tested leadership wisdom, cutting-edge neuro-science research, and instant problem-solving. They give and receive a level of support that leaders seldom have access to in our rushed, highly competitive, and over-committed lives. And they hold themselves and their peers accountable for being their absolute Brilliant Best.

What Happens in BRILLIANT BEST?

In a BRILLIANT BEST Mastermind, you will participate in:

✅  A monthly 3-hour facilitated Mastermind call with an exclusive and intimate group of other highly successful and carefully chosen leaders.
  Learning based on the latest in leadership and performance research.
✅  A monthly 45-minute Touchpoint strategy session with Achim Nowak, Founder and Convener of BRILLIANT BEST and your BB Mastermind Convener.
✅  1-1 structured conversations with peers from your Mastermind group.
  Spontaneous information-sharing and problem-solving in your exclusive online Mastermind Community.

The beauty of this BB Mastermind laboratory design? Through a series of accelerated interactions with exceptional peers and a top-notch Mastermind Convener, you expand your leadership mindset, access the wisdom of other accomplished business leaders, and move the dial in your personal impact in the world.

Be ready to be profoundly energized and astounded by the power of this simple process.



Our current BB Mastermind group is full. New groups start July 2017. Admission to a Mastermind Group is by invitation only. Please keep this in mind as you fill out the Application Form.

Upon receipt of your Application you will have an in-depth conversation with Achim Nowak. Each Mastermind Group will have no more than 8 members. A Mastermind is one of the most transformational experiences you will have in your life – and we will only invite leaders who are ready to fully show up and play.



Work with Achim Nowak in Beautiful South Florida

Do you wish you could spend a full-immersion day with a Master Executive Coach where the sole focus is on YOU? On honing your executive presence. Boosting your ability to build influence. Clarifying your response to organizational storms. Embodying your credo as a leader. Creating tangible and tactical transformations.

That is the gift of BRILLIANT BEST GOLD.

Spend a day of ONE-on-ONE time with Achim Nowak in South Florida. Grab a meal together. Dream BIG. Enjoy eight hours in the studio, without interruption, where you receive Achim’s undivided attention and have his exceptional expertise at your fingertips.

Get clear, deep down, about why it is that you do what you do. And what would happen if you did more of it, with fully embodied skills and ease, every single day. That IS the source of your Brilliant Best Leadership – and sometimes we need to deep-dive with a Master Coach to tap the source.


So you want to take your team on a soaring and transformational off-site retreat? One that illumines every member’s sense of self and social engagement instincts in fresh and unexpected ways? A retreat that instantly shifts your team into a more impactful way of doing business?

AND you want this to be the hands-down most memorable team experience any of you have EVER had?

Welcome to BRILLIANT BEST EQUUS.  This is not your run-of-the-mill ropes course or let’s-cook-a-meal or make-music-together teambuilding event. In partnership with Dr. Giselle Faubel, a Harvard-trained psychologist and pioneer in the field of equine-assisted personal development, you and Achim Nowak spend either a day or two at Dr. Faubel’s pristine horse ranch in Western Broward County, home to 10 horses and Dr. Faubel’s Equulibrium organization. While the ranch is situated in a pastoral area of South Florida, it is easily accessed in less than 30 minutes from either the Miami or Ft. Lauderdale airports.

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What Executives Say About Achim Nowak

Bob Livingston: CEO, Dover
Achim Nowak’s masterful coaching has transformed the next generation of Dover leaders into more authentic, insightful, and inspiring leaders.
Serge Joris: President, Hydro Systems
I have been extremely fortunate having experienced Achim Nowak’s unlimited passion for developing professionals during key career moves in my life.
Bill Johnson: President and COO, Chart Industries
Achim Nowak’s guidance and insights have not only helped me to become a more perceptive and authentic leader – they have made me a better person.
Tina Governo: VP of Leadership Development, Dover
Achim Nowak has an exceptional ability to unleash hidden potential in every leader he meets. For over a decade, I have seen him help leader after leader improve his or her presence and impact!
Vince Cipresso: President, Performance Motorsports International
Achim Nowak consistently energizes me to reflect on myself and how to improve as a leader, father, and husband. Thank you for being relevant!
Bill Roy: Managing Partner, Dakota Holdings Group
Working with Achim Nowak has always given me an energy that makes me feel like I am literally off the ground or hovering above my chair.